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Collection: Stainless Steel and Sublimation Blanks

Red Rock Glitter Girls now offers sublimation blanks. We are happy to offer coasters, sublimation holographic tumblers, sublimation UV tumblers, sublimation glow tumblers and plain white sublimation tumblers. 

if there is an item we don’t carry and you’d like us to, please message us and submit your suggestions. 

*** All items have been checked for damages and imperfections, boxes may be slightly damage, however the tumblers are NOT damaged in anyway. By continuing your purchase you fully understand and agree to the above. 

48 products
  • UV/Glow Sublimation
  • 20 oz Skinny UV Sublimation Tumbler (No Taper)
  • 20 oz. Skinny Glow Sublimation Tumbler (No Taper)
  • 20 oz. Booze Box Sublimation (straight speaker tumbler) NEW!!
  • 20 oz. Holographic Glitter Sublimation Tumbler (Slight Taper)
  • 20 oz Sublimation Straight Skinny Tumbler (No Taper)
  • 20oz Straight Skinny Stainless Steel Tumbler (No Taper)
  • 30oz Straight Skinny (No Taper) Tumblers
  • Neoprene Popsicle Sleeve
  • 14oz. Booze Box W/Handle Sublimation Straight Speaker Tumbler (NEW!)
  • 20 oz Thermal Skinny Sublimation (No Taper)
  • 11oz Sublimation Ceramic Coffee Cup
  • 20oz. Glitter Bomb Sublimation Tumbler Skinny Straight (No Taper)
  • 12oz Straight Sublimation Mug
  • Sublimation Coasters
  • Neoprene Car Coaster For Sublimation
  • 14oz. Booze Box W/Handle Stainless Steel Straight Speaker Tumbler (NEW)
  • 22oz Straight Chub (No Taper) sublimation Tumbler
  • 30oz Straight Skinny (No Taper) sublimation Tumblers
  • 20oz. Sublimation Tumbler W/Handle
  • 15oz. Cup Of Joe Ceramic Sublimation Mug
  • Women's Black Sublimation Wallet
  • A-1000ML Warthog
  • Sublimation Phone Grips
  • 20oz Sublimation Dual Lid Water Bottle
  • 15oz. Gemini Dual Lid Sublimation Koozie
  • Heat Transfer Tape
  • Sublimation Baby Blanket - White
  • 9 Panel Sublimation Blanket
  • 350ML Hornet
  • Sublimation Journal
  • 10oz. M67 Grenade Sublimation
  • White Neoprene Popsicle Sleeve For Sublimation
  • 5oz Stainless Steel Round Flask for Sublimation
  • Men's Double Sided Sublimation Bi-Fold Wallet
  • 12oz Straight Dual Lid Sublimation Koozie (Shimmery)
  • 20oz. Stainless Steel Tumbler W/Handle
  • 30oz. Sublimation Dual Lid Water Bottle (No Taper)
  • 12oz Sublimation Mini Gemini Dual Lid Sippy