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Collection: Area Fifty One Glow

Sold 1 oz. by weight 

When charged for 4-5 hours these two will glow for up to 8-10 hours:

Aurora - White/White

Bird Cage - White/Magenta


When charged for 4-5 hours these two will glow for up to 5-6 hours:

Phoenix Lights - White/Teal

Roswell - Yellow/Yellow


It is strongly recommend that you do a sample test with the application you are using to apply this product.  All solvents created differently, the ratio of powder to solvent will vary for each application. To avoid wasting this valuable powder, we recommend doing a sample test to determine the optimal ratio.  

 In my test I found a mixture of 1:4 ratio (1-powder : 4-epoxy) was ideal in providing maximal glow without waste.

When starting with a new product we recommend you keep your batches small as not all epoxies are created equal. Once you determine the best mix ratio, you can work your way up to a larger batch.

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